Top China PVA Fiber Supplier: Wholesale and OEM Manufacturing Available

Haitung Group Limited is a renowned Chinese manufacturer and supplier of PVA fibers. Our PVA fiber is produced using superior-quality raw materials and advanced production technology, ensuring high strength, durability, and excellent water-solubility.

Our PVA fibers are widely used in a range of applications, such as textiles, papermaking, cement additives, and concrete reinforcement. Unique properties of our PVA fiber, such as high tensile strength, excellent elongation, and resistance to alkali, acid, and organic solvents, make them an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

Haitung Group Limited takes pride in being a leading PVA fiber supplier for over 20 years, providing innovative solutions to its customers all around the world. With a strict quality control system, we ensure that our product meets international standards and customer requirements. Choose Haitung Group Limited as your PVA fiber supplier and experience the best quality products and services at competitive prices.
  • We are a leading China-based PVA fiber supplier, providing high-quality PVA fiber for various industries, including construction, textile, and filtration. Our PVA fiber is made of high-quality polyvinyl alcohol material, ensuring excellent performance and durability. Our PVA fiber is widely used in concrete and cement products, enhancing their strength, workability, and durability. The fiber helps to reduce cracking, shrinkage, and water absorption, improving the stability and longevity of concrete structures. Moreover, our PVA fiber is easy to mix, disperses quickly, and has good compatibility with other additives, making it an ideal choice for concrete additives. In the textile industry, our PVA fiber is used in various applications, such as non-woven fabrics, artificial leather, and papermaking. The fiber provides excellent elasticity, tensile strength, and dimensional stability to the materials, improving their overall performance and quality. Furthermore, our PVA fiber is also used in water filtration systems, providing excellent filtration performance and effectiveness. The fiber has good adsorption capacity, high density, and high porosity, making it an ideal choice for various filtration applications. At our company, we adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that our PVA fiber meets and exceeds customer expectations. We are committed to providing the best quality PVA fiber at competitive prices and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.
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