Sinopec PVA 0488 Manufacturer in China - High-Quality Supply for OEM and Wholesale

The Sinopec PVA 0488 is a high-quality polyvinyl alcohol product that is widely used in various industries, including construction, papermaking, textile, and chemical. It is known for its excellent film-forming, adhesive, and emulsifying properties. Sinopec, a leading petrochemical company in China, is the manufacturer and supplier of this premium PVA product that meets international quality standards.

Sinopec PVA 0488 is produced using advanced technology, and the manufacturing process is highly controlled to ensure that the final product meets customer requirements. As part of their commitment to quality, Sinopec products are thoroughly tested before being released to the market, giving customers the confidence they need.

Haitung Group Limited is a trusted partner of Sinopec and their authorized distributor. They offer competitive pricing and have a reputation for providing excellent customer service to their clientele, making them a preferred supplier for Sinopec PVA 0488. Contact Haitung Group Limited today to order your PVA products from a reliable and reputable factory.
  • Sinopec PVA 0488 is a high-quality polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) product that is widely used in various industries. It is a white or light yellowish, odorless and tasteless powder that dissolves easily in water to yield a colorless solution. One of the main applications of Sinopec PVA 0488 is in the manufacturing of paper and paperboard, where it is used as a wet-end additive to improve paper strength, surface properties, and printability. It also acts as a binder in the formulation of paper coatings, which can enhance the gloss, smoothness, and ink adhesion of the finished product. In the textile industry, Sinopec PVA 0488 is used as a sizing agent to improve the weaving efficiency and fabric quality of natural and synthetic fibers. It provides excellent film-forming properties and adhesion to the fibers, while also helping to reduce yarn breakage and improve the dimensional stability of the fabrics. Sinopec PVA 0488 is also widely used in the construction industry as a cement admixture, where it can improve the workability, adhesion, and resistance to cracking of cementitious materials. It acts as a dispersing agent for cement particles, which can result in a more uniform and homogeneous mix. Overall, Sinopec PVA 0488 is a versatile and reliable product that can enhance the performance and quality of various materials and products.
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